Episode 6: Good Data Science Is Always Political

Posted by joelgrus on Fri 10 February 2017

Is good data science always political? Our regularly scheduled guest had to cancel at the last minute, so Joel and Andrew decided to talk about politics.

Topics covered include:

  • the one data scientist who’s not on twitter
  • how much Joel hates the xkcd cartoon
  • free speech in Canada (which Joel gets very wrong, please don't @ me)
  • how one (or one's bot) gets banned from twitter
  • Joel getting a phone call from his kid's school
  • #YarvinGate and #YarvinGate2
  • how good it feels to hold a pitchfork
  • loving one's neighbor vs tolerating one's neighbor
  • why everyone hates Kant
  • Nazi-punching
  • the pros and cons of street violence
  • whether companies should take political stands
  • whether Shopify should power the Breitbart store
  • what the hell do they even sell in the Breitbart store anyway?
  • the difference between refusing to do business with customers because you don't approve them and refusing to business with customers because twitter doesn't approve of them

Please listen to it.