Episode 15: Could You Rephrase That As An Ethical Question?

Posted by joelgrus on Thu 12 October 2017

Our guest this week is data scientist for good Lisa Green. Topics of discussion include

  • What is ethics
  • Joel's previous life as a financial analyst and the ethical dilemmas therein
  • whether there's anything incriminating in Joel's Yahoo history
  • whether "identity theft" is mostly a bullshit concept
  • Google's corrupt bargain with the NHS
  • what the medical code of ethics actually says
  • polycentric ethics
  • the difference between unethical and incompetent
  • what good a code of ethics does when the "ethical" problems are emergent from the choices of many people
  • that terrible article about the Seattle Nazi convention
  • neuroticism
  • the Joel test
  • vgr's bad tweet
Please listen to it.