Episode 1: A New Hope

Posted by joelgrus on Sat 12 November 2016

Hey, we recorded an episode!

In the first episode, Joel and Andrew cover who they are, how they met, how they got into data science, why they have a podcast, and topics they have in mind, including but not limited to:

  • Politics
  • Technical tool development
  • Whether to get a PhD
  • How to get into data science
  • How to hire data scientists
  • Ethical questions in data science
  • Jake van der Plas
  • Type A vs Type B
  • Thinkpieces about why Scala is the future of data science
  • Dave Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet
  • Why is Silicon Valley considered a place you need to set up shop

Take a listen and bear with us as we find our podcasting groove.