Adversarial Distancing, Episode 3: Two Conversations with Jowanza

Posted by joelgrus on Mon 15 June 2020

About a month ago we recorded a podcast with Jowanza Joseph about engineering and COVID-19 and other mundane topics.

While I (Joel) was procrastinating on editing it, a lot happened in the world. And then Jowanza wrote a blog post about his experiences with racism and how they've affected his life.

Which made it feel really weird to just put out an episode with him that doesn't mention any of these issues. So the three of us went back into the (metaphorical) studio and recorded another episode mostly about his blog post, about racism, and about the state of the world. (As always, we are incapable of staying 100% on-topic, but we did pretty good.)

These aren't necessarily easy topics to discuss, but I think we did a respectful job of it, and I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. The original podcast episode follows the new one, so you get two episodes in one.

Please listen to it.